Brian Daniel Starr


Life Outline

Born in a small town where the county seat was a township,†† Claridon had an elementary School and a post office and thatís about it.Chardon the county seat became a city during my life.

The author left fifth grade with his family and moved to Meadville, PA.†† Lived in townhouse and had many friends.†† Made a go-cart out of an old lawn mower engine, some pulleys and four wheels.Go into Rocketry,

The author then left seventh grade with his family and moved to Roxboro NC.†† This was Person County where he finished High School Class of 78 and went to College. Lived in Dorms, then a trailer, then apartments in Raleigh NC attending North Carolina State University.††† The Basketball team for the college won the NCAA,the Hostages came home from Iraq, and everybody loved the tie a yellow ribbon around the Old Oak Tree.†† Use of my middle name Daniel and poor grades in College go me to volunteer for the United States Marine Corp, being colorblind (Green-Red) the author could not go in Electronics so went into Radio.††† My first credential after the High School diploma was the Desert Sands Certificate that made me a graduate of Radio School.†† Service then In Okinawa and an encounter with an English speaking gentlemen, reported to the authorís First Sargent who went off and sent me to the hospital, then the 1st Lieutenant and Gunnery Sargent punched me in the arms (Assault with a deadly weapon all Marines have hand to hand combat) and I was promoted to Lance Corporal.††† Stationed now in Camp Elmore near Norfolk the incident was looked into, they found I did not divulge anything classified, and I was given an Honorable Discharge in 1985.††

The author returned to Roxboro NC in Person County and attended Durham Technical Community College and graduated with honors with an Associates Degree in Electronics Engineering.†† Joining the Work Force the Authors resume is on another link Here.†† Authors Resume

The author married the girl next door, now his ex-wife, who was from Costa Rica.One child, and the divorce was 23 years after marriage.

During his marriage the author completed his Bachelors in 1997 from Thomas A Edison State College.†† The good news is the College became Thomas Edison State University on Dec 21 2015.†††

The Author began doing genealogy for his family about 1998 and in 2005 decided he wanted to share the Saints.††† This led to CDís being published, and then the Author spent money to publish on BookSurge.†† Publishing six books Booksurge became createspace.†† The Author now has 156 titles on createspace, as publishing books became free, as long as the sites guidelines for margins etc.are done.

In 2001 the Author became professionally certified as a Level III Technician with the now International Society of Automation that was then the Instrumentation Sensor and Automation Society.†† In 2017 the author let this lapse, as it really can interfere with engineering.Technicians are great but the certification does not necessarily mean a degree, but 13 yearsí experience and pass the test.

In 2001 the Authors Grandfather passed, and 911 was a few months later.††† The author found a job in Tennessee and moved with his family in 2005, and was Knighted at this time about 2005.†† Learning what it was to be a Sir the author continued to publish works on Saints, and Added Knighthood.†† Publishing lineages of obscure lines some of the Officers who also went to Church and were Sir Knight would refute some of the things written, so the author would do more research until the works were not refuted.†† With this error correcting technique the author published a large amount of genealogies.††

Doing Contract engineering work about 2008 and onwards the author traveled about the country, took pictures and published travel journals meant as E-Books.†††† Branching out into Poetry, Art Books, and Technical Literature the Author has many titles.

Until 2017 the author was primarily writing but the 2018 New Years Resolution is Advertising and Marketing.††

In 2013 the Author moved back to his home state of Ohio and lives in the Dayton Area.††† See contact information to get in touch if you would like.

In 2017 the Author finally made it to a Judaism worship, and his first Shabbat was in Dayton.††

The Author has moved place to place in Ohio and is was a member of three Churches in Ohio and the Fourth Saint Peters is where there is a worship.


Authors Credentials

Candidate for Governors School in High School.†† Trophy in the City Park for War(Chess silly ones).†† Trophies in High School for Drama and Public Speaking.††† Graduated 7th in class without doing home work.(Well versed in Juvenile delinquent)(Donít get Caught).†† College Team wins NCAA.†† Beersheba to join the USMC.Communication Clearances (as Laundry Number 51)†† Power of the Pen to see who can classify the most!!!!!.††† Witness to a bloody Marine in Okinawa.††††† Left Honorably 1985. (Witness is why be careful what you see!!!)††College first Associates 1985.Bachelor1997.†† Professional Technician 2001.††† Twenty years experience in Engineering at the Bachelors Level2017.†† Joined Mensa2011 a few months before Mercy Sunday.

Authors Service

USMC in the Navy Honorable Discharge 1985, Knights of Columbus Charter Member a Knight of the Fourth DegreeScribe of an Assembly and Treasurer of a Council, Past Governor of the Mayflower Society for the State of Tennessee, Commissioned Notary Public Two Terms(North Carolina 5 Years Tennessee 4 Years), Counted the Money in the Church, Speaker for the Sons of the American Revolution,

Authors Memberships Past or Present

Sons of Union Veterans, Sons of the American Revolution, Lifetime Member Founders of Hartford, Charter Member Order of Pirates and Privateers, Knights of Columbus, General Society of Mayflower Descendants,General Society of Colonial Wars,6 Churches of Christianity,American and International Mensa,†† Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers,†† International Society of Automation, Marine Corp League,Burkeís Armoury,†† International Armoury.††