The Name of Starr



There are quite a few books Starr Books has published with the intent of a Family Only Book.



Venerations and Navigations of the Saints and Blessed

This is the book the author dreams of taking to the Vatican in the presence of Saint Peters bones and reading.  It has 732 navigations to Saints.  There are 172 that are in Saint Andrew as Saints in Heaven with the blood in our Veins.   Also included is a section similar to Find Your Saints.   Find your Saints has Saint Margaret, with Navigations,  Blessed Charlemagne, Saint Judicael, Saint Brychan, Saint Raymond, King Arthur, Kings of Plantagenets, and Kings of Valois,  all with venerations and navigations.   In all there are over 25,000 navigations here.  This is possible because in addition to the eight early saints, there are bloodline traces from the Starr line to the Saint.   So with Charlemagne having about 146 navigations to a Saint,  and the Starr Line having about 119 ways to get to Charlemagne,   Then the first way to Charlemagne to 146, plus the second to 146 Saints or Blessed, etc.   In other words 119 times 146 or  17394  individual ways to a Saint.


At Saint Andrews during a Church Service where the author was a stranger the Author managed to read all of the venerations and navigations to all eight and the eight to all the Saints and Blessed.    I imagine the Priest was rather surprised that Saint Andrew could be utilized as such, and the author does not expect those with a holy vow to the Lord to get all these blessings done in a few weeks,  well anyway there is a Roman Altar there.

There are 426 pages of the book and it includes ways to most archangels, angels, Israelites, and other offerings including Popes.


The Starr Family Supplement

This book is the original back before 2011 when the author was in the Vatican State.  It is preserved untouched because the entire book was read as prayer on the steps of the Borgia Building in Rome.


The Starr Book

This book is also in need of a second edition.  It has the beginnings of the end results as they stand today.  It is recommended for anyone interested in the Starr House

But beware the House is protected and the Father is Patrolled.

Patriots and Pilgrims

This book is also in need of a revamp.   It has the Patriots of the House and the Pilgrims of the House.  Since the author wrote this there are futher discoveries, and some of the lineages are unproven.  However it is in a good enough state for most of us.


Warriors in the Blood



This is a fun one.   Any Warrior that is in the Bloodlines.   (Most everybody that is any good with a sword)




A Note on Being Published. There is a faction in Rome that would say that the Starr’s are not noble and that we did not know the common law before the trip to Rome and they are more noble and can prove they do know the common law.  As the brother to my Sibling Mary some of the law is not given to an Alphy.  This allows the rest of the House to trace where the law is given, and make additional allies. However an effort was made before the trip to Rome to publish the common law in chart format that is the Five Generation Genesis of God that has the first edition in the Library of Congress.   This insures that since we have not had title before the author joined the church for almost 400 years the law we carry still remains.