Find Your Saints


I finally after fifteen years found the strength to write what I wanted. I did genealogy and thru the years found 732 Saints in the Tree.   Well the genealogy was pretty useless, unless I could find a way for other people to find their Saints.   So my work  FIND YOUR SAINTS,   takes five easy saints to find,  and relates those to hundreds more.  If you are into genealogy you have probably found Saint Margaret or Blessed Charlemagne.  FIND YOUR SAINTS shows the relationships to over 60 other Saints from Saint Margaret,  And from Blessed Charlemagne there are relationships to over 130 other Saints.  Granted some are rather obscure but many of the are major Saints.  So the major Saints included are:



1.           Saint Margaret

2.           Blessed Charllmange

3.           Saint Judicael

4.           Saint Raymond

5.           Saint Brychan

6.           Kings of the Plantagenets

7.           King Arthur

8.           Kings of the Valois


Honestly I have not counted all the saints in the book because many from Saint Margaret are also from Blessed Charlemagne


Here is an example.


Saint Margaret ,  Saint Emperor Henry the Fowler, Hedwig, Charlemagne.


This is interpreted Saint Margarets line married the line of Henry the Fowler who married the line of Hedwig who married the Line of Charlemagne.


So from Saint Margaret there is Saint Henry, and a line to Charlemagne.


The book is over 70 pages of this.



I really wanted to share what I had found,  and I started with Saints Who Left Descendents ten years ago.   Well that had 110 Saints who are many peoples blood ancestors.   Each listing for each Saint showed Ancestors of the Saint and Descendents of the Saint.   The idea being if the reader could find an ancestor that was a descendent of the Saint, the reader should be able to find the Saint.



The trees that got generated from downloading all the related files from other trees and combining them into one tree to derive these relationships is available on a free genealogy site called Roots Web.   Go to world connect trees.   All my uploaded trees have a form of my name such as StarrAncestors or AncestorsStarrTree etc....




In 2011 I was in the Vatican and had the first draft of Find Your Saints.   From that book I was able to get to 27 Saints and a graph of one other.  Now I have a book with 732 saints in it that I want to take to the Vatican.   I have read that and venerated and navigated all over the country thru the years and sometimes the Reverend Father would use a veneration to cure a sick person or save a life.   That is a good reward in itself and I am glad to be able to help.   In 2005 I got Title in the church,  although I have no holy vow my name is recognized.



So if you are into Saints and Genealogy my

books here are for you.   You can even get formal

and join societies like Saints and Angels or the

International Society of the Descendents of Charlemagne.