Honor of Knighthood and Knighthood for the Elite



This book sold well in its first edition.   It is in the Library of Congress.   The second edition is even better,  more robust,  larger, and with much more detail and secrets.  In fact the innards of both titles is the same,  In other words the title page the ISBN and the Library of Congress Number is different, but the rest is about the same.

A brief Disclaimer.


The Author at no time wrote these texts as a expression of possible law in an

Attempt to have intelligent Jewish People become rabbi’s in their next life.


There is considerable Law in this book given to the Author as a recorder of possibilities,

And at no time does the Author as using any name claim to have the Power of making

Rabbitical Law.  

In other words,  King Daniel will stay on the Able Side of Life.



Beware the Hebrew Kings.

If you are interested I suggest Flavius Josephus Work Book 10 Chapter 10 Verses 1-10.

Also Book 5 Chapter 3 Verse 4.

I cannot Claim that Dan did not resurrect as the LawGiver Moses, it is merely Conjecture.

Contents Include


The quote from the Antiquities of the Jews by Flavius Josephus.  

The Sarai, 

The Sefriot

Hebrew Intelligence Paths, 


The Hidden Kingdom,  

The Israelites, 

 The Blood of King David, 

Nineveh and the Sumatrian Dieties

The Ancient Lines

of Adam to Noah,  


The Five Generation

Genesis of God.