The Right to Hold Property and live a Comfortable Life


The American colonies were founded where only the land holders had the right to vote.†† Thus it makes common sense that the land holders would be held to honor in order to keep the land in their family.† Further common sense means that if one land holder would not be honorable in something then the other land holders would use the law to force the sale of the land to the victor.† Using the King James Version of the Bible, then as the National Law, it is in a letter of Paulís righting about Rahab the Harlot.

Therefore common sense would demand that the use of women in anyway would not preclude anyone from holding land.†† The rights of man utilizing the women as a rahab would necessarily need to be done in the house of the lord or the eldest son, and in some cases the only son in order for the deed to be risen to the altar.†† Of course the opponent who violated the law by destroying the Right of a Man to Life would be against any part of the house of the lord taking the land.

The liberty of the person who is making the claim to a Comfortable Life with Property would be interfered with as many times as possible by the people who destroyed the Rights of Men to Life.

The Man who alleges the Rights of Men to Life was violated would have to use the laws of the Church coupled with the laws of the State to prove these rights.†† The claimant would need other gentlemen to look at the situation and render aid to the law, in order to make the conviction of the Men who violated the Rights of Man to Life.†† This may take many generations.†

Further the Grand Army of the Republic, which won the Civil War, would be called on in the house of the LORD would need to be called on because the Claim to the land may take many generations to prove and if the claim to land is done in the South then the houses would be called to honor.†† The houses that where on the other side of the Civil War would also be called to Honor to defend themselves.

The so called Carpet Baggers or people from the North who live in the South would have to defend themselves from those who violated the Rights of Man to hold life.

Of course if the people who violated the Rights of Man to hold life where also people who hold title, then the house of the LORD for both sides would need to have an order of the Christian Church to judge, and if the Titles of the people who violated the Rights of Man to life were subject to the Crowns of other countries that inspired the Great Work,† The Rights of Man by a high ranking Man of the Sons of Liberty then these rulers of foreign states testimony would have to be thrown out as discredited witnesses.

Further if the opponents who violated the Rights of Man or Women to Life could discredit the House of the Lord for either side then that persons testimony would be thrown out of court by the common man.†† Therefore Common Sense would dictate that the Eldest Son and the Only Son would have to live above laws that discredited the house.†† These laws would be enforced by the Father of the Oldest or Only Son, or if the Father is alive and fails at this then by the Church Fathers.†

Finally it is both Common Sense and the Right of a Man to Liberty,† and in the immortal words of a famous Son of Liberty,† Patrich Henry,†† then Give me Liberty or Give me Death, and if in the House of the Lord you can raise the Song of Life of a Snake,† let it be venomous.† !