Saints And Blessed Who Left Descendents



All the Saints in the book left descendents, and odds are these descendents are your ancestors.  Therefore so is the Saint!!!!!



Use this book with Find Your Saints to get your Saints.  You probably have Saints in your tree,  almost everyone does, and one out of three Americans can prove it.   The book is designed so that each Saint has some ancestors listed and some descendents listed.   If your research into your family tree shows any of the Saints Descendents in your tree you then know you have that Saint.


Also listed for each Saint is a brief biography, the Saints family, years the Saint lived, and if the Saint is a patron saint of something.


The Saints are listed grouped in each century.



Saints and Blessed about 150 plus Saints and Blessed that are everyone's ancestors and they left Descendents.

The book is designed to show descendents and ancestors of the saint so the reader can hook his genealogy to the Saint, and the family tree file is available to the public.