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As the Author of these works, I wanted to share with you how I became interested in books relating to genealogy and the Saints. more

In 1998 I was involved with a company where the President was very interested in genealogy. He got me enthusiactic about finding my ancestors. I was fortunate to have found a family book, and began researching the lineages of my surlaines' wives. I discovered a resource of information on the Internet of lineages that are recorded in history books and more noble families and royalties mainly from Europe.

I decided to write my first book Saints Who Left Descendants, a book listing the ancestors and Descendants of 110 Saints that are everyone's ancestor. I included a section on each Saint about notable royalty and Saints for each entry in the book. With the use of the Internet, it was possible to research and finally find about 650 Saints and Popes and Archbishops of Canterbury, not ancestors, but related.

So I became passionate about how these Saints and Royalty are interrelated. The reader of the books could easily be inspired to do his/her research and link into the file made available on the Internet. That is what the Saints series of books is about.

I continued my research while travelling on assignment as a controls engineer in all regions of the country. I spent time researching the Greek Orthodox Church, the Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church as well as Judiasm and Islam. In the books on the Christian Knight, I discovered that all the children of Abraham were included in these ancient lineages.

I become passionate about the Deities of all the religions and how they are interrelated. I found mystical files and ancient files on the Greek Pantheion and the sacred books of Judism that told me where to look.

I became interested in the history books such as the Antiquities of the Jews and the lineages of the successful prophets of the old testament of the Bible, as well as reading the Christian books that did not make it into the canon. I thought it appropriate to include these lines in charts that are easily read and publish the works making them available all over the world. It is my hope that the books will contribute to a a peaceful world of coexisting human beings where the problems of thirst and hunger are solved by a united world government.

My books could inspire or send someone soaring into a new existence with ideas that are not new but have been protected from the illiterate for generations. To be honest these books could not have been written without the computer aided genealogy programs and the selfless dedication of the genealogy community to uncover the secrets of the past.

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