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Dictionary of Saints Whose Ancestry is Known is a list in alphabetical order of over 350 Saints and Blessed that have a known ancestry....buy now

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Who Left Descendants

This book is intended to help the reader find all the Saints that are in his or her ancestry by showing the relationship to the Nobility and Royalty of Europe. If your ancestry includes the nobility and Royalty of Europe this book is for you. The book attempts to explain ancient lineage of the Saints, with charts showing some lines to linked Saints. Included Saints are from any source, the Holy Roman Catholic Church as well as Saints recognized in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Saints as well as Saints found on the internet.Some Saints are not yet canonized but still recognized as a Saint by some source.

Tree of Saints

This book is about Saints whose lineage is known but these Saints did not leave Descendants. However because their lineage is known their relationship to the tree is known. Some of these Saints are major Saints of the church. Only Saints whose lineage is known can be found in this book. Research for this work took years, and the relationships are listed such that the Branch of the Tree is explained, as well as the Ancestors of the Saints. Also included is each Saints family if known, and a brief biography that explains why the Saint achieved sainthood.

of Saints

Calendar of Saints: Whose Lineage is Known is a book that shows a Saint for a day of the year. In order to be included in the book the Saint must have a known lineage that connects to the tree.

Daily Saints Who's Ancestry is known

Saints in the book are known in the Tree of Humanity. The Saint either left Descendants or had lineage where an Ancestors left Descendants. These Saints Descendants lines continued to the present day. The Saints are organized by the feast day of the Saint when the Saint entered heaven. There is a listing of the Saints Ancestors and either the Saints Descendants of note or the Branch of the Tree in the area of the Tree where the Saint is found.

Ascent of
the Saints

Saints whose lineage are known are found in this book. The Saint must leave Descendants or his parentage and lineage are known. Ordered by century the book contains Saints until about the year 1600.

of Saints

Dictionary of Saints Whose Ancestry is Known is a list in alphabetical order of over 350 Saints and Blessed that have a known ancestry. For the Saint to be included in the work the Saint must have a known lineage or descent. This lineage or descent is available in a family tree type program that can be opened and studied.

Lineage of
the Saints

Actual Lineage of Saints. Major Biblical Figures, Saints, and the nine most worthy warriors of History lineage expounded.

Life of Saint Brychan King of Brycheiniog

Saint Brychan, lineage, what he is famous for, his twenty four sainted boys and twenty four sainted girls. His relationships to the other saints of the Church

Life of Blessed Charelemagne

Blessed Charlemagne A Study is a genealogy work with reference to many Saints and lineages related to the Blessed Emperor

The Saints Tree

The High Priests and Saints of Galilee - The Lines of Galilee, how the High Priest was Structured and the many mirrors of names that lead to confusion, so that only the Priest could rule the people. Five generations are studied previous to the Cruxifiction of the Lord, and how they interacted with a military state ruled by democracy(The Romans) who put the hebrew people underground for a thousand years (returning to Jerusalem at the Crusades (Year 1000 :1st millenium) going underground again and returning at the second millenium after the Roman Empire was defeated in World War II. (Free state of Israel in 1948).

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The Saints
of Galilee

The Saints of Galilee: The Saints of the Five Generations of Galilee is about the Saints that were alive during the Ministry of the Lord in Galilee and surrounding areas. The five generations previous to the Virgin's Son are shown in text and charts and the mirrors of all the many people with the same names is examined. Differnent lineages of each Saint and other Patron Saints is examined.

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Major Saints Ancestry

This book is about the Saints Who Left Descendants and the Saints who fit in the Tree of Saints. In addition the Saints have to be a Major Saint in the Church. Either the Descendants of the Saint are known or the ancestry of the Saint is known. The Descendants, Ancestors, or the branch of the tree is discussed as well as the Saints Family and date. The book is organized in time periods, mostly centuries up until about 1500. These Saints are everyone's ancestors and one out of three Americans can prove it.

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The Saintly Defense

The many who bore the name of the Lord, the many named Mary. The nine worthy warriors of mankind. Defense of oneself by knowledge of religion.

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